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SlitherLink is a grid of dots with numbers in some of the squares formed by the dots. When solved, the dots are connected to form a single continuous loop that slithers its way around the grid.


A SlitherLink is basically a visual logic puzzle. Using logic, the solver deduces which dots must be connected to form the solution. The number in a square indicates how many of its edges are in the loop. A zero indicates that none of the edges appear in the loop. A blank cell may have any number of edges in the loop.

Often, it is just as important to indicate which edges are not in the loop (by drawing an "X" between the dots.)

Generally, some trial and error is required. Experienced solvers learn to recognize certain patterns that allow some edges to be drawn or crossed out in a single step.

SlitherLink is easily printed in black and white and played with a pen or pencil, and is popular with commuters.

Our puzzles are carefully graded by difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Hard and Challenging. All puzzles are rigorously tested to ensure that they have exactly one solution.

We provide puzzles and solutions in print-ready format (EPS, or Encapsulated Post-Script) as well as machine-readable format (XML), and can provide custom content and format as required.

Please feel free to download our samples or contact us with your requirements.


Click here to download a zip file with:

  • A PDF document, ready to print, that contains several SlitherLink puzzles of various difficulty levels, with solving instructions, and solutions
  • Encapsulated Post-Script (EPS) files for these puzzles
  • .

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