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Numberpuzzles.com is pleased to offer a growing selection of math and logic puzzles to publishers, electronic media and game developers. We have puzzles and solutions in XML and print-ready format, and can provide custom content and format as required.

Our puzzles are carefully graded, and rigorously tested to ensure that they have exactly one solution.

Sudoku NumberPuzzles.com has been offering classical Sudoku since 2002 and was pleased to note when the rest of the world caught on!
Sudoku X Sudoku X is a variation on classic Sudoku that brings the diagonals into play. Each shaded diagonal must also contain each digit exactly once. The interaction between the diagonals and the other contraints permits fewer givens to start. Solvers find this variation fun and refreshing.
Sudoku X Mini Sudoku X Mini is a scaled down variation on Sudoku X that uses digits 1 through 6 on a 6x6 grid of 2x3 zones. The intense interaction between the diagonals and the other contraints permits breath-takingly few givens to start.
Sukendo Sukendo puzzles combine the logic of Sudoku with the arithmetic interplay of Kakuro and Killer puzzles, for a fast, fresh and pleasurable solving experience.
Killer Also known as Fusion or Samunamupure, Killer Sudokupuzzles combines the logic of sudoku with the arithmetic elegance of kakuro to produce something more than the sum of its parts!
Kakuro Also known as Cross Sums, NumberPuzzles.com has been offering Kakuro puzzles since 2002, and is very pleased to see the rest of the world catching on!
SlitherLink SlitherLink is a grid of dots with numbers in some of the squares formed by the dots. When solved, the dots are connected to form a single continuous loop that slithers its way around the grid.
Hitori A pattern puzzle, Hitori uses numbers but no arithmetic. Easily printed in black and white, it is well suited for commuting solvers.
Masyu A visual logic puzzle, to solve a Masyu you must draw a single continuous path through all the circles obeying certain rules.
Nurikabe A Nurikabe puzzle is a visual puzzle where simple but subtle rules create a challenging logic problem.
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