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Also known as Killer Sudoku or Samunamupure, this puzzle combines the logic of sudoku with the arithmetic elegance of kakuro to produce something more than the sum of its parts!

A Fusion puzzle is basically a sudoku grid in which outlined or coloured areas must add up to a given total, as for kakuro. Sudoku fans are initially startled to see that no digits are given, but the interaction of sudoku rules and kakuro constraints engagingly let the user ferret out the solution.

Our puzzles are carefully graded by difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Hard and Challenging. All puzzles are rigorously tested to ensure that they have exactly one solution, which can be deduced by logic alone. No guessing is required.

We provide puzzles and solutions in print-ready format (EPS, or Encapsulated Post-Script) as well as machine-readable format (XML), and can provide custom content and format as required.

Please feel free to download our samples or contact us with your requirements.

You can find our fusion puzzles at Sudokufusion.com and in USA Today publications.


Click here to download a zip file with:

  • A PDF document, ready to print, that contains several classic Fusion puzzles of various difficulty levels, with solving instructions, and solutions
  • Encapsulated Post-Script (EPS) files for these puzzles
  • .

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